Testimonials BG Dark

  • Wired for Hire did a great job bringing me talented candidates. The screening they performed not only covered the candidates' technical skills but other aspects such as their work ethic and soft skills. I have hired several employees through Wired for Hire and will continue to do so.

    Zacharia Vinduska, Manager, NAC

  • Joe is a man of integrity and works to ensure a solid match on both sides. He does his homework and I'd recommend Wired for Hire both to candidates and companies. I've landed jobs through Joe and also looked to him for candidates when I've had staffing needs that were hard to fill.

    Bill Miller, CIO, eMortgage Logic

  • Wired for Hire left a lasting impression with me when they were able to find me a job. Joe did not treat me like a commodity, and he showed that he genuinely cared about me. Joe continues to stay in touch, and he is the first one I go to if I'm looking for a change.

    Danny Faught, Manager, Quality Assurance

Nov, 24, 2014