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“Wired for Hire has proven to be a first class choice for locating the right personnel. Over the past 25 years, I’ve dealt with many recruiters, online boards, and staff agencies during hiring situations I’ve been faced with at different companies, and I’ve found that the diligence in getting to know the candidates, their background, and the judgment that goes into a recommendation from Wired for Hire definitely pays off. I highly recommend Joe Borden and Wired for Hire when you have a position to fill, and are looking for that just right candidate.” – Ken Dorsey, Senior Manager / Project Strategist at PMP, CSM, PSM, MBB, CTT+

"Wired for Hire is truly a staffing partner for Fujitsu. We've engaged them on numerous contract and contingent searches over the last five years and the results have been outstanding. Wired for Hire not only immerses themselves in the technologies we look for, but they go to great lengths to understand the culture at Fujitsu to ensure a great hire. They are highly responsive, flexible, and professional. I've been working with Wired for Hire for over ten years spanning three different companies and they by far are the most reliable agency I have worked with. In this day and age, agencies and their staffs come and go, but Wired for Hire has provided nothing but consistency - same educated partners, high quality candidates. Whether you have a tough to fill position or need someone immediately, Wired for Hire is the staffing partner you need to call." – Kevin Greil, Talent Acquisition Manager at Fujitsu

"Wired for Hire has been a trusted partner for Tektronix Communications for 8+ years now. As an R&D leader I've had the opportunity to deal with a number of staffing companies through the years. It's been my experience that it's rare to find a partner that will invest time on quality. Wired for hire has never submitted a candidate to me that was not completely aligned with my needs. The largest indicator of their ability is retention rate. I've hired 100% of the contractors they've provided and all of these engineers are still with us today as highly valued employees. I highly recommend Wired For Hire." – Bryon Ford, Vice President R&D at Tektronix

“I can say that Joe is a man of integrity, and works to ensure a solid match on both sides. He does his homework, and I'd recommend Wired for Hire both to candidates and companies. I've landed through Joe with a great experience, and also looked to him for candidates when I've had staffing needs that were hard to fill.” – Bill Miller, CIO at eMortgage Logic

“We really enjoy working with the staff at Wired for Hire. They takes their time with us and really drill into the qualifications and environmental aspects that make our new hires a success. Their suggested candidates are right on point and they save us hours of time having to look to the clutter of resumes. We highly recommend Wired for Hire.” – Steve Stapleton, CIO at InProv

“Wired for Hire did a great job bringing me talented candidates. The screening they performed covered not only technical skills but other aspects such as work ethic and soft skills. I have hired several employees with them and will continue to do so.” – Zacharia Vinduska, Manager at NAC

“Wired for Hire was great to work with because they made it a really personal experience. They knew the company with which I interviewed and what they were looking for in a candidate. They also coached me on what to expect during the interview. After the interview, they followed up with me to let me know I was still “in the running” for the job. I got the job too. What else can I say?” – Dave Harbeson, Sr. Data Dev at Santander

“The Wired for Hire team has recruited me for 2 different full time opportunities, the first in 2005 and 3 jobs later in 2014. Wired for Hire takes the time to understand both the candidates experience, skills and desires and the client company's needs. I love the job that they recommended me for, if I ever decide to look for another job I would contact them in a second!” – Mark Hill, Sr. DBA at InProv

"My experience of working with Joe was exceptional. From initial contact until he successfully placed me into a DBA Role at SantanderConsumerUSA, Dallas, he consistently supported me in my job interview process. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is looking into great career." – Deven Oza, Sr. DBA at Santander

"While working with Joe, not only was he patient, expedient, and reliable; but, possessed an ability to network and establish a target driven approach that not only benefited me in that particular job search, but has continued to pay dividends in my career, to this current day. I would be hard pressed to find a more results driven, industry knowledgeable, and client focused organization than Wired for Hire." – Howard Fantroy, Sr. Sustaining Engineer at NYAB

“Wired for Hire left a lasting impression with me when they found me a job. Joe didn't treat me like a commodity, and he showed that he genuinely cared about me. Joe continues to stay in touch, and he's the first one I go to if I'm looking for a change.” – Danny Faught, Manager of Quality Assurance

"Thank you to the team at Wired for Hire. An urgent need arose for a seasoned Network Engineer and before I had time to extend my search, Wired for Hire had a compatible candidate ready to interview. The candidate soon elevated into a dependable contributing member of my team. The process was streamlined and professional. The methods employed to understand my needs and scope of the position seemed less agency reproduced and more personalized. I would highly recommend Wired for Hire for any future staffing needs." – Scott Kuennen, Director of Information Technology at Ancora Education

"The team at Wired for Hire are genuinely interested in a winning solution for all parties, and took the time to listen to my needs. They are unique in the way they care about their placements, and work hard to put the right people in the right jobs. The experience with them was amazing and comfortable, and you will not be disappointed." – Chris Stouff, Sr. Network Engineer

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